Your business and eating a KitKat

Guilt is a terrible thing.

Especially when it’s not warranted.

The guilt I feel when I wolf down a KitKat is one thing.

I probably deserve that guilt.

But sometimes I run into people who feel guilty about marketing their businesses.

Some, for example, say they want to contact people only quarterly, because more than that is “too much”.


You should never feel guilty about marketing your business…unless your product or service is poor.

Here’s the thing.

If you have a service that makes the lives of your clients better, that helps them save money or time, that makes them more efficient or happier…then it is your DUTY to market that service and sell your clients on the benefits of that service.

Because if you don’t…

…your clients will fail to benefit from what you have to offer…

Now…that is something to feel guilty about.

So when it comes to sending out a newsletter – it is your duty as an ethical businessperson to tell people how you can help them.

It is your duty to keep in touch with them as their trusted advisor.

It is your duty to stop them making mistakes.

So every day that you fail to market yourself is a day that you are doing your clients a disservice.