Email newsletters aren’t dead, says the New York Times

The New York Times, no less, has weighed in on email newsletters.

Apparently, email newsletters aren’t dead. Indeed, they are on the march, says The Times’s media writer David Carr.



Like we could have told you that already.

But here’s the thing:

The article makes a point that is critical to your success in the next decade.

It says: Publishers seeking to stick out of the clutter have found both traction and a kind of intimacy in consumers’ inboxes.

Too true.

Despite all the hoo-rah of social media, email is still the number one way that people communicate.

In many ways, email is the most personal medium there is.

It’s your go-to place for your important correspondence.

It’s where you get letters from your mother and your children.

And important missives from your credit card company.

It’s the heart of our communications zone.

Publishers are finding that email is valuable real estate. If a publisher produces good content, people read it.

The key here, of course, is good content.

If you send trash, people will trash it.

That’s why we at Ready to Go Newsletters try to think like publishers. We want to produce something that people will read.

It’s why it’s important to know that I, the president of the company, have a journalism background. It’s why Kyla, our editorial production manager, has journalism training. And it’s why Frances, our editor, is a seasoned journalist.

That’s why we make newsletters that people want to read. Because we’re publishers.

And it’s why we encourage you to think like a publisher and add your own local, relevant content that your own clients will want to read.

I really can’t emphasize the importance of this enough – because it’s the way the world is going.

Successful businesses will think like publishers by publishing the kind of information that speaks to their particular clients.

It’s how you will stand out. It’s how you will get found on Google (their new Hummingbird update recognizes this).

And it’s how you will succeed over the next decade.

It’s that important.

Here’s your starting point – a ready-made newsletter that is full of interesting content which you can edit as much as you wish.