As unique as your pair of jeans

Here’s something interesting:

The police were able to use the unique patterns of wear on a villain’s denim jeans to link him to a crime.

Apparently, everyone’s jeans wear in a different way – and cops could link the wear with security camera footage.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, it’s interesting for a start. It’s a little story to start your day (and stories are important in marketing).

But most importantly, I am telling this story as a way to once again stress the importance of being different – being unique.

To have your own denim wear pattern.

Here’s the thing:

It’s easy to be the same as everyone else.

It’s safe.

You can’t go wrong.

But … you can’t go very right either.

You’ll just be stuck in the mediocre middle.

Instead, find something that’s uniquely great about you. Something that will be like catnip to your preferred clients.

And put that front and center (in your newsletter and elsewhere).

That’s how you win clients.

With that said…