As famous as a Google drive-by

I found myself on Google Street View the other day.

There I am, striding down the street, looking quizzically at this car which was crawling by with an enormous, multi-headed camera on its roof.

Famous forever… and completely zoomable.

Now, Mayna (our wonderful customer service manager – you’ll chat with her if you join us) jokes that I am very vain for zooming and panning around myself.

But I just think it’s cool to be out there. On the internet.

(Even though my face is all blurred.)


What’s the point I am making here?

Some people are nervous about promoting themselves.

They don’t want to be seen as vain.

So many don’t market themselves. Or they hide behind a corporate logo.

But I’m telling you, it’s gotta be done – and it works.

Here’s the thing:

If you are good at what you do… if you help people and make their lives better… if you have expert opinions that your clients and prospects should know about…

… then it’s pretty much your duty to be out there.

Because otherwise… they could end up working with someone else who’s not as good as you are.

So that’s why newsletters help.

They give you the platform to be out there and sharing what you know.

Sharing your personality.

And you know what? Once you start doing it – and you start getting business because of it – then you want to do more.

Here’s where to get a ready-made newsletter you can use (and change, if you wish):