A road trip with chicken wings

We took 60 chicken wings on a three-hour drive the other night.

You see…. exceptional wings lead to exceptional trips – we brought some home from a trip to the city and shared them with fiends.

(I can’t believe we made it three hours without snacking when we stopped for gas.)

It turns out that three hours is nothing.

That same restaurant has someone who takes their wings on a 2,000 mile, four-hour plane ride.

Now that’s dedication.

So… here’s my point:

It’s stories like this that make good newsletter fodder.

You see, stories are the soul of marketing. They’re far more powerful than features and benefits.

So think…

Are there any extraordinary lengths that you go to?

Do you have interesting stories from your clients?

You can start with our ready-made newsletters and then add that little personal touch.

When you do, you’ll grab clients’ attention.