A Clever, Timely Hook for an Offer in a Newsletter

Taking something that’s in the news and putting your own twist on it to make an offer to your customers is a great way to stand out from the crowd. By attaching your offer to something in the news you give the impression of immediacy, timeliness and relevance to your offer.

Here’s an example I received today in a newsletter from A2 Hosting, the company that hosts some of my websites (and which, by the way, I recommend for its good service.)

Its newsletter offers the “A2 Hosting Economic Stimulus Plan”.

“The U.S. government has called for economic stimulus, and we at A2
Hosting have an economic stimulus plan of our own. Use your government
economic stimulus check and tax refund to pay up front for your web
hosting and save some dough! By pre-paying for your hosting, your
monthly hosting fees will drop significantly…”

Could you use the U.S. government’s Economic Stimulus Plan as a hook for an offer in your newsletter?