Your referral machine

Remember that restaurant that Bob recommended?

You know, the one on 4th street? Or was it 5th street?

The Italian… Portuguese… Brazilian one?

You remember – he said it was really good.

Now what was its name?

…Ever have conversations like this?

Someone recommends something but because you have a memory like a pasta drainer, you forget almost instantaneously?

Well guess what…

If this happens to you with restaurants…it no doubt happens with your own business!

Even if they remember your name, they don’t have your phone number or email to hand.

It makes the whole referral thing kinda shaky.

That’s where newsletters – particularly the printed kind – make great referral tools.

Your newsletter is like a giant business card. But as well as having your contact info, it also reeks with credibility. All those articles, information….

People often keep printed newsletters (if they’re good), so that means your contact info is just there, ready to be given out to a potential new client.

And as you know…referrals rock. They’re some of the best marketing you can get.

So… if you want a referral producing newsletter, head over here.