Why people read your newsletters

One of our clients sent me a link to an infographic last week – six reasons customers aren’t opening your emails.

It had some good information in it.


… the main reason for newsletters failing wasn’t included.

Here’s the thing.

You could implement all six of these ideas perfectly, but if you don’t earn a reputation for having something interesting and entertaining to say, then it’s game over.

People might open your email once.

They might open it twice.

But if you want to really succeed – to have a following of people who look forward to opening your emails – then you need to make it worth their while.

And that means you need to be entertaining, thought-provoking and maybe a little provocative.

People are busy, and anything less isn’t good enough.

This is the reason why people often tell us that our newsletters are the best on the market.

Because they’re interesting.

People want to read them.

With that said… here’s where to try them.

They’re interesting as they come. Or you can make them even more interesting – and personal – by editing them as much as you wish.