Your clients and the eight-armed rival

I just watched a video (yes, I was wasting time on Facebook and one thing led to the other…) and in this video…

… an octopus hurled itself out of the water and attacked a crab.

Right there. On the rocks.

Then it dragged the unfortunate crustacean back to its salty lair.

Which goes to prove – nowhere is safe.

Even when you think you’re high and dry.

It’s for this reason that every business has to defend itself from competitors.

Turn your back and your clients could be snatched away.

Newsletters help with this problem.

If you’re in front of your clients every month with useful and entertaining content, you’re always top of mind.

That means there’s less chance your client will stray into the (eight) arms of a competitor.

And when you think of all the effort you put into attracting that client in the first place, surely it makes sense to invest the relatively small amount it takes to keep in touch?