Rabbits, wolves, owls and newsletters

The traditional way to think about sales goes like this:

You’re the wolf and your prospect is the rabbit.

Now, because you’re a wolf, you’ve got to go and chase the rabbit – which is hard because the rabbit doesn’t want to be caught.

It takes a lot of energy – and sometimes blood is spilled.

So consider this:

What if instead you were a wise owl, and the rabbits wanted to gather around you and listen to your wise, old stories?

What if they respected you instead of feeling they have to run away from you?

Here’s the thing:

If you contact your leads and clients on a regular basis with useful, entertaining information (that doesn’t just scream hire me!), then you build a much more respectful, trusting relationship.

People gravitate towards you.

The want to work with you instead of run away from you.

… And that’s much nicer for everyone involved.