You…and garlic grown in rocky fields

We can’t grow much in my part of the world.

Indeed, when the first European settlers came, lured by the promise of abundant farmland in the New World, many gave up and moved elsewhere. You can’t cultivate a whole lot when the fields are full of rocks.

But one of the things that does grow well here is garlic.

And last weekend was the annual garlic festival.

Here’s the thing: there’s the garlic you see in the store – mostly it arrives from Mexico or China.

It’s nothing like real garlic, which comes in so many varieties with so many subtle flavors that, well, it’s more like wine.

Oh, and it sells for five times the price…and people snap it up.


Here’s my point:

You can choose to be a commodity, or you can choose to be different.

You can choose to be the lowest price, or you can choose to sell what makes you special.

I can tell you this: being a commodity is tough. It’s much easier to be unique.

So that’s why I urge our clients to think about their Unique Selling Proposition – what makes them the #1 choice for their ideal clients.

And then I urge them to run that USP as a thread through their newsletter.

Just like a mellow, subtle clove of garlic.