Will Your Newsletter Pester People?

 I had an interesting chat earlier this week with someone who is thinking of joining my newsletter service.

He was pondering sending a newsletter only every quarter instead of monthly.

Why only every quarter? Because he didn’t want to “pester” his readers.

It’s at that point that I said, “Hang on just a minute….”

Here’s the thing.

If you are in danger of “pestering” your readers, you shouldn’t send a newsletter monthly.

You shouldn’t even send it quarterly…or annually.

You should send it never.


Fears of “pestering” come down to an anachronistic way of looking at the relationship with your clients and prospects.

My caller was doing business the old way. In the past, marketers interrupted people with their message.

They said “buy my stuff,” and “hire me today”.

And … this is the worst sin of all … “I’m really great, you know.”

“Me, me, me!”

Sure….that’s pestering – like the child who can’t pass a Baskin-Robbins without tugging on his hapless parent’s arm.

That kind of newsletter deserves to go straight in the trash.


But that’s not the best way to communicate with your prospects and customers.

Instead, your aim with your newsletter is to make your prospects’ and customers’ lives better.

To help them do their jobs better, to make their days easier.

why instead of putting out a newsletter that’s overflowing with
self-promotion, you publish something that’s packed with useful

Content that has value.

If you do that, people will start reading your newsletter. They’ll even start looking forward to it.

Not only do you avoid pestering your readers, but you become in their minds a trusted advisor.

they’re much more likely to do business with a trusted advisor … who
is thinking of their needs … than someone who interested only in


If, despite all this, you are still seen as pestering your reader, then
you don’t want them to continue receive it; clearly, the two of you are
not on the same page. It’s better to spend your resources on someone
who appreciates your newsletter content.

PPS. If you see this newsletter as “pestering” you, please unsubscribe. The link’s at the bottom!