Why it’s worth adding links to your email newsletter

I’ve got a simple tip today for anyone who sends email newsletters.

Here it is:

Put lots of links in your email.

The reason?

People don’t take action unless they’re told what action to take.

They won’t visit your website unless you tell them that they should visit your website.

When you publish an article, put a link to the relevant part of your website.

When you want response, put a link that encourages that response.

Here’s something weirdly interesting: Because of the way that email “opens” are counted, you could get more “clicks” than you do “opens”. I know that sounds odd, but emails are counted as being opened only when images are displayed, but clicks are counted at all times. So what sometimes happens is people will click on a link in the newsletter without displaying its images – so you get no “open” but you do get a “click”.

That’s why I tell people that actions are more important than opens – don’t focus exclusively on opens.

Of course, you’ve got to have links in order for people to take action.

And in a newsletter, unlike a simple email like this one, you have plenty of opportunities to slip in a few links.

So don’t let those opportunities go to waste.

Anyway…here comes the link in this email.

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