Why Hibernating in Tough Times is a Bad Strategy

Thankfully, it’s summer right now. But winters here in Ontario can be frigid.

It’s no wonder the bears go to sleep and wait it out.

Unlike the chickadees, which are busy hunting for food, even in blood-freezing temperatures.

I’m here to tell you this: during tough times, be a chickadee, not a bear.

This isn’t a time to be hibernating.

I’ve just ordered a great ebook, How Your Business Can Survive and Prosper During a Recession, and after a quick skim through, the one piece of advice that nearly all the experts interviewed give is:

Don’t stop marketing….indeed, market even more.

When your competitors – paralyzed by recessionary fears – are sleeping it out like bears, you, the plucky chickadee, will be able to gain market share.

After all, people are still buying stuff. Just maybe not as much.

And when you’re the only one still marketing, you’re the one they will choose.

After a winter, bears emerge thin and hungry.

Do you want to be one of them?

(PS. I wrote an article recently about how smart Realtors are continuing to market during the housing crisis – and succeeding. Check it out.)