Whole Foods, the McRib and something real

I was in a Whole Foods the other day.

It’s not often I get to visit one of these emporium.

Good thing probably (says my credit card).

Now…I believe I’ve got the Whole Foods thing figured out.

People don’t go to Whole Foods because they want great food (which it is, by the way) or because of the huge choice of ready-prepared meals.

No, the reason they go is because they crave authenticity.

Here’s the thing.

Nothing is real anymore.

The celebrities on magazine covers are Photoshopped to look like Barbie.

There are 70 ingredients in the McRib – most of which might be more at home in a chemistry lab.

Music is manufactured by computer algorithm to tickle the craving neurons of the brain.

And in the middle of this, places like Whole Foods market real, natural products.


Just like they should be.

There’s an important lesson here.

In a world where everything seems fake, the authentic stands out.

So…how can you be authentic?

How can you show that you are a real person, with passions, real-world experience and – yes – humanity?

How can you cut through all the bull and connect, just like we used to?

How can you create relationships with your clients that actually mean something? A connection so genuine that people will seek you out and, yes, maybe pay extra for it?