The guy who split the atom in his kitchen

Did you hear about the man in Sweden who tried to split the atom on his kitchen stove?

Apparently he was successful in creating a small meltdown – but then had second thoughts because it might not be legal to set off a nuclear reaction in one’s apartment.

Turns out he was probably right. The police raided his home.

This sort of thing is better left to the pros. After all, they have gazillion-dollar budgets to do any atom-splitting that needs to be done.

I see something like this all the time.

OK, no-one is engaging in nuclear physics, but lots of people spend days doing things they would be better off leaving to someone else.

Such as…

–          Taking out the trash (your time is more valuable than that)

–          Doing the bookkeeping (unless you love it, you would be better off – and happier – hiring a bookkeeper)

–          Running errands (you can hire a kid to do that for a lot less than you earn doing your real job)

And, of course, making newsletter.

Trouble is, if you’re not a newsletter expert, you’re likely doing it wrong.

And wasting a lot of time.

…time that would be better spent doing something you are good at.

That’s why these folks eventually turn to us.

We will make you a great newsletter that you can then edit as much as you want later.

That will save you time and stress.

And allow you to get back to doing what you do best.