Useful Product: Fedex Kinko’s Print Online

Here’s a useful service that might help you print your newsletters.

Fedex Kinko’s allows you to upload your document, have it printed and then shipped back to you (or anywhere else you choose). Or you can go to the nearest store and pick it up. Saves having to visit a copy shop twice – you can do it all from your desk.

Here’s the link to their Print Online service.

I’ve played with the website and it seems very easy to use, but I haven’t yet tried to print a newsletter on it. I’ll update this post when I do.

Update: I’ve used the service – and it is easy. Newsletters printed on 11×17 inch paper are a special request, which means you have to contact them on the phone after ordering. It also means you don’t get a price quoted right away. Warning – make sure you get a price when you talk with them. I didn’t and got a surprisingly large bill when the job was ready to pick up. The reason – folding the newsletters. All in all, the service is good, but you’ll get a cheaper rate at your local copy shop (and save a lot of money if you fold the newsletters yourself.

Thanks to Ryan Healy for bringing this service to my attention in his blog.