The shellfish on the tennis ball

I was walking along a beach one afternoon. The tide was coming in, and in the surf I saw a tennis ball.

I’ve always fancied myself as an English Rafael Nadal, so I stopped to pick it up.

…and saw it was covered with tiny little shellfish.

They were very much alive…moving around, poking out of their shells.

So here was a little colony of life, bobbing around the ocean and getting washed up on the beach.

On a tennis ball.

Nature is remarkable like that.

It finds a home wherever it can: the crack in a sidewalk, on a sheer cliff face, or by the boiling vents of an undersea volcano.

Where there’s a niche, there’s life.

We entrepreneurs are like this too.

We find our niche…and we make a go of it, despite the odds.

It’s tough, but it’s satisfying.

So today I salute you.

Success isn’t easy when you run a business.

But there you are, like a shellfish on a tennis ball. Finding your place and becoming a success.

It’s the first week of November, and time to get your newsletter out.