The key to a successful newsletter program

Here’s something funny.

The secret to a successful newsletter program isn’t the newsletter itself.

It’s everything that surrounds the newsletter.

I’d better explain…

You newsletter is at the center of a well-oiled machine.

That machine is designed to collect leads and nurture them until they become clients.

And after that, it continues to nurture them to encourage them to buy from you again.

Let’s start at the beginning, with your funnel.

This is the place where you collect your leads.

Those leads might come from online sources – advertising on Google or Facebook, for example.

If you do it right, you can get leads for a reasonable price from these internet giants.

Or you can get leads from offline sources, such as direct mail postcards.

The key when finding leads it to advertise only where your most likely prospects hang out and only to people with a likely interest in what you do. That’s how you’ll reduce your costs because you will be advertising only to people who have a chance of becoming clients.

But it’s not good enough to bring in all of these leads and simply send them to your website or a phone number.

The sad truth is, most people will visit your website and never come back… unless you make an effort to capture their contact information.

That’s where a good “lead magnet” comes in.

The point of a lead magnet is to offer something that is extremely attractive to your ideal leads…

…Something so attractive that they will give up their contact information in order to receive that thing.

…Something that attracts them to you so much that they will want to hear from you regularly with your newsletter.

What kind of thing could you offer?

Well, a real estate agent might offer an in-depth guide to the real estate market in a very specific area – that very same area that she is targeting with her online and offline marketing.

Or she might offer a guide for seniors who are downsizing… if she is targeting seniors for her marketing.

If you do it right, you can expect between 10% and 30% of your visitors to give you their contact information. That is a much better result that you would have had otherwise.

The higher you raise that percentage, the cheaper your leads become because you are getting a much bigger bang for your buck.

…And the more you can spend on generating leads.

So, once your leads are in your database, you deliver them the information they are looking for. And then you keep in touch on a regular basis with your newsletter.

For weeks, months – even years – until…

…when they are ready, you are their first choice.

And you get the business!

That – very briefly – is how the whole system works.

Your newsletter is at the heart of it.

But it works in tandem with other elements to make an effective and efficient marketing machine.

Indeed, without these other elements, your newsletter will be only partly effective.

Here at Ready to Go Newsletters, we offer you a newsletter that’s completely ready to go. You can edit it as much as you wish.

However… we do more than just newsletters. We can design and implement the entire system that I have described here.