The efficient newsletter article

The chicken has 11 parts, I was told with huge authority by the 16-year-old KFC employee.

That was why I would receive only two breasts – the rest of my order would be made up of the other nine parts of chicken.

I guess that’s fair, although I’ve wondered ever since what constituted that odd 11th part. Chickens, I had supposed, were symmetrical.

Indeed, I was pondering that question yesterday when I pushed not one but two chickens into the oven. That’s 22 parts of chickeny goodness, plus an unknown quantity of soup, to be enjoyed over the next few days.

A super-efficient use of time and resources – a two-in-one combo roast coupled with full use of the chicken’s parts makes an economic menu.

NEWSLETTER ARTICLES WORK THE SAME WAY. Never just write one and forget about it. Use it again and again. And when the words are flowing, write two and save yourself heating the oven of the mind next time.

A newsletter article can be posted to your blog or pasted on your website. It can form part of an auto-responder sequence to be sent out automatically to prospects who sign up on your website. You can submit it to one of those article repositories, such as, that help boost your search engine ranking.

You can also keep it in a library to pluck out when a client or prospect poses a relevant question.

(Indeed, that can work the other way too. It can pay to answer a client’s emailed question thoroughly in the knowledge that you can use an edited version of the response in your newsletter. You’ll have an impressed client and your newsletter written all in one.)

And once you’re in the writing groove, crank out more than one article. You never know when the mood will strike again, so keep on writing while you can.

See – that’s using all 11 parts of the article.

A bit of stuffing, and you’re done.