The 5-foot worm and the juicy newsletter

Someone in Ecuador has dug up an earthworm that was five feet long.

Imagine the fish you could catch with that thing!

But seriously, fishing is a good metaphor for hooking clients.

First, you’ve got to be out there on the water. Many people stop marketing when times are good, which leads to no clients when times are bad.

Instead, keep fishing – you always need a stock of fish for your business.

Second, you need good bait to lure new clients.

Give people a reason to choose you instead of someone else.

Tell your ideal clients why you are the best and only choice for them.

And give them a reason to call you.

So here’s how you accomplish all this with your newsletter.

First, keep sending your newsletter out every month, even when you think you don’t need to.

Second, use your newsletter to explain why you are unique; position yourself as different from everyone else. That’s how you’ll make yourself irresistible.

Here’s where you can get your own five-foot-long juicy newsletter worm.