Survey on the value of newsletters

This isn’t a new survey but it’s an intersting one, and I don’t think I’ve shared it here before.

Standard & Poor’s conducted a survey called The Value of Newsletters to Financial Services Companies.

Here are the main results:

Summary: Overall, the survey results confirmed and underscored the effectiveness of newsletters as a communications channel and marketing and education tool. Respondents indicated that they rely on newsletters as an information source, value the content, and are often stimulated to action as a result of what they read.

An overwhelming majority of respondents read the newsletters they receive from financial services companies: 92% read at least some issues, 83% read most or some articles, and 84% find the information useful.

A majority of respondents have taken positive action after reading a newsletter: approximately 75% have saved articles for future use and visited a company’s Web site after receiving a newsletter; 25% said that they have gone on to contact the issuing company for more information.

Print remains the preferred newsletter format: 33% of respondents favor print, 21% prefer e-mail, and 41% wish to receive both.

Respondents would have a negative impression about the issuing company if it discontinued its  newsletter: 25% would feel that the value of the sponsor’s service had diminished, and 28% would think that the company might be struggling financially.

So let me ask you:

Are you having similar results with your newsletter?