Success with dead tree marketing

I had a guy come round my house with a chainsaw this weekend.

I’ve got too many maples and birches, and they’re threatening to take over. I can’t see the woods for the trees.

So now, after a lot of noisy gnawing, I’ve got a bunch of dead trees on the ground.

“Dead tree marketing” is what some people call printed newsletters (and other forms of print marketing).

In the rush to embrace all that is new – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – some older marketing methods are being ignored and disparaged.

Social media is sexy; dead trees are not.

But that’s wrong.

We have clients who are doing very well with old-fashioned print newsletters.

Why? Because print newsletters cut through the clutter and allow you to create a physical bond with your clients.

Long after the latest tweet has faded, your print newsletter stays in your clients’ homes, bringing you business.

They might be made of dead trees, but they’re still very much alive.