Someone worth listening to

We Brits are famous for being hard to read.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what we think about anything because we’re so indirect.

When a Brit says an idea is “interesting,” what he often means is that it’s the worst idea he’s ever heard.

Maybe we don’t want to offend. It’s that uptight politeness thing we have going on.

So, because we talk like this, you’d think we didn’t have any opinions about anything.

That’s a pity.

The thing is, people are hungry for opinions.

They’re hungry for a bit of direction and advice.

So that’s why I suggest our clients add a little opinion into their newsletter.

Because, if your opinion is helpful to your clients, they will appreciate it.

Now, you might find that your opinion isn’t shared by everyone. But that’s OK. As long as what you are saying is true – it has a basis in fact – and is likely to be appreciated by your target audience, then you’re just fine. If the audience that you’re not targeting doesn’t agree, then that’s just fine too.

Now, I should tell you that the ready-made newsletters we make don’t carry much opinion. We think our articles are more thought-provoking than most, but we don’t put many opinions in them because, after all, we don’t know what each of our clients thinks about everything.

However, we encourage you to edit your newsletters a little, if you wish. Maybe add some commentary.

That’s how you can stand out as someone worth listening to.