So expensive and yet so cheap

Brrrng! There goes the phone again here at Ready to Go Towers. 

It’s a client inquiring about pricing. 

So I tell her what we charge. 

“Why is it so…expensive?” she asks. 

I tell her about our intelligent and entertaining content, our response-generating devices, our customer service, the fact that you can change everything, that fact that… etc, etc, etc. 

She was still worried about price, so I informed her of another (cheaper) newsletter company that she might like to try. After all, we’re not a fit for everyone. 

Away she disappears. 

Then later in the day… 

Brrring! There goes the phone again. 

It’s someone with a complaint! Why didn’t you do this, why are you charging me $9.95 each month and not doing anything, why, why, why, why? 

I hate these kind of calls. 

But then something dawns on me. She’s calling the wrong company! 

She’d been trying to get in touch with that cheap newsletter provider that I mentioned to caller #1 in the morning. She had somehow managed to mis-Google them. 

So away she goes to call them. 

Look: I’m not telling you this to be mean to this other company. 

My point is that we charge what we charge because – to the people we’re a good match for – it’s a reasonable price. 

OK – we’re not perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes. 

But I think we do a darn good job writing content that respects the intelligence of your own clients and that therefore makes you look impressive in their eyes. 

We do a good job at giving you a newsletter that you can edit as much as you want so that you create a genuine, caring relationship with your clients and prospects. 

And we do a good job at advising you on how to use that newsletter to build your business over the long term. 

Here’s the thing: if you just want “a newsletter” and don’t care much about what’s in it or the quality of the company that makes that newsletter, then you can get one very cheaply. 

But if your mission is to nurture strong relationships with your clients for the long-term – and build a business that will still be around in the years to come – then we’re a good match. 

And if that happens, we’re not so expensive after all. 

That’s something appreciated by the third caller yesterday, a real estate broker who tried our newsletter and decided to buy it for 20 agents in his office. 


End of rant.