Singing your catchy song

My house is surrounded by trees.

And because of that, we have a lot of nature here.

Right now, there are birds everywhere.

Just yesterday afternoon, I took a walk outside and at the top of the tallest tree was this little bird singing its heart out.

Small bird; big song.

Now, I’m no biologist, but the bird was likely singing to mark its territory or to attract a mate.

Or both.

Nature has a lot to teach us about business. Often the way nature works is mirrored in the business world – competition for food, making the most of scarce resources, following the seasons.

And so this little bird – the one with the big voice – is just like you.

There you are singing your heart out to attract clients and make a claim to your territory.

One of the ways to sing is by publishing – your Facebook posts, your printed materials.

And, of course, your newsletter.

In a world with multiplying competition, it is important to be out there… singing.

It’s essential to get your voice heard.

That’s why, the sooner you start your newsletter, the better.

After all, you’ve got a great song and people deserve to hear it.