Secrets of a successful newsletter

The content should be about your clients, not about you.
Many businesses think all they need to do is say how great they are and
people will come rushing. Unfortunately, that’s not the case; it will
seem like bragging and you won’t engage the reader. Instead, the
content should be about topics that interest the client. When you’ve
engaged your reader with interesting and useful articles, you will have
earned their trust, which will in turn lead to more repeat business.

It should be a ‘must read’ for your clients. If
people are bored by what you have to say, they’ll stop reading and you
won’t get the benefits that sending a regular newsletter can bring.
Make it look professional. Your business is run professionally, so your
newsletter must look professional too. Use good writers (and make sure
there are no spelling mistakes in the articles) and a good designer who
can make your newsletter look like something people might pay money
for. Then have it printed on high-quality paper. If your newsletter
looks amateur and is full of errors, it will reflect badly on your

Get personal. Continue the connection you made with
your client when they last did business with you by revealing a little
about yourself in your newsletter. With so many ‘corporate’
publications out there, a personal touch – if done well – will get your
newsletter remembered and enhance your personal image as an expert.
Some people choose reveal something about their personal lives (maybe
they play golf of bought a new car) or about their families.

Include offers and calls to action. You should give
people a reason to act now, rather than wait, because if they wait,
it’s likely they’ll do nothing. So, for example, consider a special
offer for that month. Putting in a different offer each month will also
help you track the effectiveness of your newsletter – you’ll easily see
who comes in.

Send it out regularly. Many businesses send a
newsletter out every month – a regular publishing schedule helps make
your newsletter part of the daily lives of your clients.