School custard and gourmet newsletters

When I was a little kid, I used to eat my lunches at the elementary school cafeteria. 

The food was terrible.

Tasteless mashed potato.

Boiled spinach.

And lumpy custard with a thick skin on it.

Of course, I didn’t expect gourmet cuisine. After all, it was England (ha!) – and it was school catering.

But as a result, I didn’t touch custard for 30 years after that.

Just. Too. Lumpy.

Which is a shame, because I recently discovered the joys of custard, when made by someone who knows what they are doing. That kind of custard is so delicious that I could drink it from a pint glass.

Anyway – I was reminded of this culinary tidbit when a potential client called last week.

She said she wanted to send a newsletter every three months. The reason? Her own clients had told her that they didn’t want one more frequently than that.

Now…I haven’t seen her previous newsletter.

But I bet you this: it was the newsletter equivalent of lumpy school lunch custard.

It was probably boring and insulted the intelligence of her clients. Most off-the-shelf newsletters are like that.

You see, if she had been sending an interesting and engaging newsletter, her clients would actually look forward to receiving it, instead of resisting it.

That’s why the first item in Ready to Go Newsletters mission is to make products that people actually want to read.

(Just yesterday, as it happens, our long-time client Patti Bolton told us:  I have had clients tell me they look forward to reading my newsletter.)

If you want to see them for yourself, get on our free trial. You’ll get access to March’s newsletters, plus April’s, which came hot off the press on Saturday.

They’re not plan vanilla – but they are gourmet custard.