Reasons why people leave us

Let me open the kimono a little about my business.

As you know, we offer a free trial of our newsletters. You get access to everything for 30 days before we charge you.

Of the people who join, about 70% go on to become paying clients.

Some of the ones who leave do it because they find it’s not for them (that’s fine – we’re not for everyone).

There are some who just never get started – despite prompting from Mayna, our customer service manager. That’s a shame – but it’s how it is.

And then some leave, like the one who left today, because they are out of money. This client said:

“I really do love the product and support but at this time it is expensive for me (mailing and printing). I will come back since I love the product.”

It’s true that once you get into printing and mailing, it adds to the cost… which can be a surprise if you haven’t factored that in.

There’s two things I would tell this person.

First, you can save money by doing some test mailings, straight out of your office – just send newsletters to a few people. And you can distribute your newsletters yourself – a lot of our clients do that.

Second, it’s all about return on investment. So it’s not so much the upfront cost, it’s the extra money that the newsletters will earn you over the long term.

Now, if you are just starting out, it’s sometimes hard to invest money in marketing. I recognize that, and it’s why we offer email newsletters and you can arrange printing yourself.

That helps.

It’s not for everyone.

But it is right for most.