Oh Henry! I need to think about it

My computer is coming up on five years old.

That’s almost as old as my nephew.

And while he is getting smarter, faster and better every day, my laptop…

…. well, it’s feeling its age.

So I am shopping for a new one.

Now, purchasing a computer is not an impulse buy.

It’s not like snatching an Oh Henry! at the supermarket checkout.

I look and I ponder and I research and I ponder some more.

Because – right now – I’m just not ready.

So think about this…

Is it possible that your own potential clients are just not ready?

Yes, they’re thinking about it.

Maybe they are procrastinators.

Or maybe they just need to check you out a little more.

But right now they’re just not ready.

That’s why it pays to collect their name and keep in touch.

Because – one day – they will be ready.

And… because they’ve been hearing from you regularly, they’ll trust you more.

And they’ll like you more.

So – don’t let your leads go to waste.

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