Not all deadlines cost you money

Today, as you know, is the mother of all deadlines.

I’m sorry for reminding you so early in the morning, but today is tax day.


Deadlines – nothing like them to concentrate the mind, is there?

If you were like many people, you were rushing to beat the deadline or ask for an extension.

I’ve heard it said (I think by marketing expert John Carlton) that deadlines are the world’s greatest invention because without them, nothing would ever get done.

I agree.

As someone who started his career in the world of magazines and newspapers, I live by them. When I was on daily papers we had several each day. And if we were ten minutes late, the guys who operated the printing press downstairs would get mad.

It’s helpful to stick to deadlines with your newsletter program too. Otherwise, it’s easy to let the weeks and months slip by without sending out your newsletter.

And then you don’t get the wonderful benefits that deadlines can bring.

But do not fear – we are here to help.

Today is our big monthly deadline – the day we publish our newsletters for the next month. Later today, our clients will be able to log in to our website and get their May newsletters.  (The newsletters have got some great articles in, by the way…I just took a look.)

And for the clients for whom we do printing and mailing, we have our deadline enforcer, Kyla, who helps them keep on track with their newsletters.

She’s nice…but she’s firm. And our clients appreciate it.

Anyway…there you have it.

Deadlines – the world’s greatest invention.

Here’s where to start with your own newsletter today – deadline day