Motivation for a Tuesday morning

I was reading How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton M. Christensen the other weekend.

Great book. I highly recommend it.

Early on in the book, Christensen talks about career choices. He makes the point that there are two things that keep you happy at work: the “hygiene” factors and the “motivation” factors.

The hygiene factors are things such as salary, having job security and a good working environment.

You can get by on the hygiene factors (and many people do if the pay is high) but it is the motivation factors that really make you happy – and they are what you should seek. Motivation factors include challenging work, recognition, responsibly and personal growth.

Good advice. Indeed, it’s a reality that many people learn the hard way in their 40s.

On Tuesday mornings I host the 7-9am morning show on our local volunteer radio station. By the time you get this email, the show will be over!

The 5am wake-ups (so that I can be at the station by 6) aren’t the greatest…but that’s where the motivation factors kick in.

With the radio show, my co-host Heather and I aim to get everyone in our county off to a fantastic start to a day.  And when we interview people, we hope to share the news of the wonderful work these people are doing with the whole community.

That’s my motivation. I feel I am playing an important role in my local area.

It’s the same with this business. I know that I have helped thousands of real estate agents make more money and lead more satisfying lives because of my company’s newsletter service.

So here’s your motivation for a Tuesday morning – because you too should be recognized for the great work you do.

You are helping people make good decisions.

You are saving them money.

You are giving expert advice

…and you are making a difference to people’s lives.

So…remember that. And you’ll have a good week.