It’s not a chore if you love it

Once-upon-a-September, a couple of years ago, I decided to love stacking firewood. 

I think I had no choice. 

The pile of logs – as big as a school bus – had to be taken under cover before the rain made them all soggy. 

And someone had to do it. 

So in a rare moment of psychological insight, I decided that I should make the best of it. 

Even enjoy it. 

After all, it was great exercise – better than the gym. And after a few hours I had a massive sense of accomplishment. 

Come look at my neatly stacked logs. Aren’t I big and strong?! 

Same thing happens with our businesses. 

All the stuff we have to do – the marketing, the bookkeeping – sometimes seems like a chore. Like a giant pile of logs. 

Now, I can’t speak to the bookkeeping part, but the newsletters…. 

You can learn to love your newsletter. 

Instead of seeing it as a chore, consider thinking… 

…how you get to spread your expertise to so many people. 

…how you bring pleasure by making something people want to read (if you do it right). 

…and how from time to time you get praise from clients who like your newsletter and decide to do business with you because of it. 

That very thing happened to me yesterday when someone signed up to our service because he enjoyed reading these emails. The feeling I got when he told me that was even more of a rush than the feeling I get when a new client joins us! 

So there you have it…a newsletter that you can love.