It might be old, but it’s not dead

Whenever I hear someone say “everyone does everything online these days” or “I am only sending email newsletters from now on” my heart sinks a little.

Not because I’m some kind of Luddite – my entire business is built online and email marketing is very successful for me.


It’s short-sighted to say that “everything” is now the “new way” and that the “old way” is dead.

Frankly, I see this kind of thinking as bright shiny object syndrome writ large.

It’s just not smart.

Here’s something interesting…

HMV is a bricks and mortar record shop based in Britain. They also have stores in Canada. Those stores are full of CDs, DVDs and vinyl.

Yes, vinyl. It turns out people still love the feel and the sound.

A few years ago, everyone said HMV would die. And indeed, they did close a bunch of stores.


Now they’re coming back.

They’ve almost caught up with Amazon in terms of market share.

And in Britain they’re opening up stores again.

People, it turns out, still like buying things the old way.

There’s room for online and offline.

So – don’t neglect at least the possibility of sending a newsletter in the mail.

Here at Ready to Go Newsletters, we have several clients who use our printing and mailing service. And many more who send out the print format newsletters themselves or with a local printer.

The old school still has a role to play.


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