How newsletters relieve “inbox stress”

My inbox is getting out of control.

You know what it’s like – there are emails in there that you know you must handle… but you don’t have time (or a system) to handle them.

Every time you see those same emails, it’s like another itch in your head.

Gotta get that one done!

And then you move on.

This is the reason why many leads don’t get a follow-up.

It’s why past clients get forgotten about.

And it’s why they end up going elsewhere.

Because… you simply don’t have time or the system to get around to all of them.

This is where newsletters help.

Even if you don’t have time to get back to everyone personally, you can at least keep in touch with them all.

When you send your regular newsletter, everyone in your database (everyone in that horrible inbox) will still hear from you.

So they won’t forget you.

And they won’t go somewhere else.

So – if for no other reason – start sending a newsletter so that you don’t have to worry so much about those neglected leads and past clients.

Isn’t that a weight off your mind?