If You’re Nervous About Sending Your Newsletter…

…then listen to this short story.

A friend of mine who runs a business consultancy says he's always anxious about sending his monthly newsletter.

He calls it his "suicide note" because he feels he's putting himself out there to be scorned and shunned.

Of course, that's nonsense. The content in his newsletter is excellent.

An article in a recent newsletter focused on a large, international airline – with ideas on how it can change its strategy and win more business.

The same week that newsletter was sent, a very senior executive from that airline contacted the consultancy and asked for a meeting. The airline was looking for help, and this article showed so much insight that maybe there was a match between the two organizations.

There's a potentially large contract from just one newsletter.

Yes, it takes a leap to put yourself out there. But it can be very worth it.