How to Use a Newsletter to Position a Neighborhood Bar as a Community Hub

I was was chatting on Twitter this week about what you would put in neighborhood bar’s newsletter.

I said (in 140 characters or less, of course) that it’s about positioning the bar as a community hub.

After all, that’s the role of many neighborhood bars. They’re the place where everyone knows your name.

So that’s the role the bar would need to take in its newsletter.

With that in mind, here’s some ideas for content:

  • Listings of community events
  • Stories from the customers
  • Stories from the staff
  • Local news (because there’s unlikely to be a newspaper that local)
  • Good news about neighbors doing interesting things
  • Sports reports and results
  • Listings of local community groups
  • Coupons for money off at the bar and at local businesses
  • Profiles of local businesses
  • Campaigns for local issues
  • Profiles of interesting neighbors

What better way to solidify the bar’s role as a neighborhood hub than becoming – in many ways – the local community newspaper?