Helpful vs. bragging

I was talking on Friday with a new client.

Love this client.

She totally gets it.

Here’s what she said:

I want to provide information that is helpful to people.

What most of my competitors do is say how great they are – how many awards they have won or that they’re the top producer in their office.

Instead, I want to develop content that helps my potential clients.

Right on!

Here’s the thing:

People don’t want to hear you bragging.

Instead, they want to know what you can do for them!

So that’s why it pays to prove your expertise by helping and advising them.

Newsletters can do that for you (if you do them right).

The ones we make, for example, contain information that proves you are a real estate expert. (Plus they contain other content that that will keep them reading and entertained.)

So starting right now, provide information that is useful and helpful.

Here’s where to get started with a ready-made newsletter that you can edit as much as you wish.