Daring to be different

It’s a while ago now, but I remember one thing about being a kid.

I just wanted to be the same as the other kids.

To wear similar clothes.

To watch the same TV.

To have the same things in my lunch.

The reason? If you were different, you were picked on…

… for being different.

Brave were the kids who dared to stand out.

But now that we’re adults – well, being different has its advantages.

Especially in business.

Whereas many kids just want to blend in, businesses need to stand out.

That’s why I encourage my newsletter clients to be a little different.

To emphasise their quirks.

To carve out a place in the market.

Because when you do that, you don’t get ignored.

You’re a bright red in an ocean of beige.

And that brings you more business.

The newsletters we make help you stand out because their content is different and interesting.

Then – if you wish – you can edit them to make them really yours.

To put your personal stamp on them.