Great ideas for newsletter content

Off-the-shelf newsletters are a great place to start if you’ve never sent out a newsletter before or you don’t have time to write or design one to a high enough standard.

However, the more of your own content you can include, the better you’ll be able to build your relationship with your list. That’s because you will be able to include more content that is particularly relevant to them.

Here are some ideas for content:

Local news and events:  Write a short report on a local sporting or charity event or include an agenda of interesting activities going on in your area in the next month. This will help make your newsletter extra useful.

Local guides: How about including a listing of important addresses, such as drugstores and pharmacies, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, schools, and community centers? You’ll be able to use this article in every newsletter you produce, and it gives a reason for people to keep your newsletter in their homes as a valuable reference.

Success stories: Don’t brag, but there’s no harm in telling some encouraging stories about people who have used your products or services.

Testimonials: People love to hear from other people, so when you get a great compliment, ask if you can include it in your newsletter. Make sure you also get their full name (and ideally a picture) to prove your testimonial is authentic. (Don’t make up testimonials, by the way.)

Great stories: Heard a great tale or joke recently? Heard one that relates to your community? Tell it in your newsletter. People will love it.

Pictures: You’ll include your own picture in the newsletter, but how about including pictures (with permission) of happy clients?

Guest columnists: How about asking a trusted service provider in your community to write an article for your newsletter, in return for a plug? You’ll get interesting, relevant content for free.

If all this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. It’s also fine to send out an off-the-shelf newsletter with minimal customization.