Department store or boutique?

This is the time of year when kids are doing to college…or they are thinking about where they’re going next year.

I read something interesting about this yesterday.

Thought I’d share – because there’s lesson in it.

Here’s what I read:

While the big, famous schools are always popular, not everyone gets into them.

But if the kids aren’t getting into Harvard, then it’s not always the second tier schools they opt for. These second-tier schools are the department stores of the college world. The Sears.

Instead, it’s the more specialist, boutique places that get chosen – schools that offer a certain something that doesn’t appeal to everyone, but really appeals to certain kids.

“So – OK, I’m not going to Yale – but there’s this other school that has a great approach to the major I want to do, or another that has a culture that’s really me.”

And that’s where they end up going.

So here’s how it could apply to you.

Maybe you’re not the #1 agent in town.

But… you can be the #1 boutique agent for a particular type of client.

For example…

The pet owner.

The senior.

The condo owner.

The person in a certain neighborhood.

Because when you are #1 for that particular person, you are a step ahead of everyone else who is just a second-tier generalist.

Worth thinking about.

And worth writing about in your newsletter.

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It gives you a big advantage.

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