Could your newsletter get you publicity?

Here’s an interesting side effect from sending a newsletter.

A real estate agent in Iowa got himself quoted in a local business publication last week.

And it’s all down to his newsletter.

The article – about what’s happening in local real estate – talks about a market analysis in this agent’s newsletter.

The website version even linked to this own website.

Pretty sweet.

He’s not my client (although I wish he was!)

But he’s doing newsletters right.

Here’s the thing:

Publishing gives you expert status.

People take you more seriously when your thoughts are down in black and white.

And when you’re seen as an expert, you go places.

So this is a nice extra benefit of sending a newsletter.

After all, how many extra clients might this free publicity get him?

Here’s where to get your own newsletter. It’s ready-made, but you can edit it as much as you wish.