And then my client went with someone else!

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

You think you have a client, but then they go and buy with other agent.

Or list with another agent.

Or they list with you once… but next time use another agent.

So frustrating.

And upsetting.

That was one of the things that a real estate agent mentioned in the survey I told you about yesterday.

Here’s the thing:

Clients don’t usually go elsewhere because you’ve done something wrong.

It’s usually either because they just don’t feel loyal – or they’ve completely forgotten about you.

They have the memory of a fish and the loyalty of a rat.

So how to fix that?

Many ways, but keeping in touch definitely helps.

First, it solves the forgetting problem because you’re there in front of them every month.

(Don’t assume they will remember you… they are busy and they simply just forget. You have to make it easy for them to remember you.)

Second, it solves the loyalty problem because a newsletter will make you into the natural – the obvious – choice.


Because a good newsletter positions you as a knowledgeable expert.

Someone who knows what they are doing.

Someone who can help.

It turns the whole client-agent relationship on its head. Now they are chasing you because you are the go-to person.

So if clients are going elsewhere, it’s worth asking yourself: Are you memorable enough?

Here’s where to get your own newsletter that will keep clients coming back.