Amazing agents who are just too shy

There are some amazingly good real estate agents in the United States.

They do a terrific job for their clients.

For example, they create a powerful marketing campaign for each of their listings, they take professional photographs (or hire a talented photographer) and give money-making advice on staging.

Some of them have an entire “system” they use for marketing their listings.

But here’s the sad thing:

So many of these agents hide how great they are!

And that’s a terrible shame because these rockstar agents are in the same market as a whole slew of mediocre competitors – and yet they are failing to demonstrate the value they give to their clients.

So here’s what I’m telling you:

If you have a terrific real estate marketing system (or something else that sets you apart), present this front and center as a reason for doing business with you.

Tell your website visitors and leads exactly what you do and how that helps sell homes more quickly and for a higher price.

Give them examples of your professional photography to show how good pictures attract more viewings.

Display before and after pictures of staged homes to demonstrate how staging helps your clients get better prices.

And write about it in your newsletter!

After all, you’re good. You deserve to get those listings.

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