Advice from a guy with 35,000 contacts

“Building an email list is the single best way to communicate with your audience, period. Better than Facebook, better than Twitter, better than ads. Because you own it. Because it is a relationship of mutual trust and opt-ins. That is why you need to build one.”

That quote is from a guy called Ryan Holiday, who built his email contact database from zero to 35,000.

He’s an author and marketing expert.

And he thinks that email is the best way to communicate with your audience.

And here’s the funny thing: the database he built was just for his “Reading List” – his monthly email of recommended books to read.

(If you read books, I seriously suggest you Google it and sign up. It’s better than Oprah’s or new kid on the reading block Mark Zuckerberg’s recommendations.)

Here’s the thing:

Email gets to someone’s inner sanctum – their inbox. It’s very direct.

Much more so than Facebook, which is making it even harder to reach people.

As Ryan says:

“Think about it: Facebook just announced they were going to be deliberately throttling marketing messages (what a scam). Most Twitter messages get lost in the stream. Email is the best way to reach your people because no one can get in the way.”

I agree 100%

So there you have it.

Build your database.

Contact them regularly by email and print (which in many circumstances is even better).

Keep growing that database.

Get more clients.

Here’s how to make it easy with email (and print) newsletters you can edit as much as you wish.