A lesson from the flower that smells like death

The corpse flower is well named – because it smells like death.

You don’t want to get too close to that thing if you value your nostrils. The stench of rotting animal carcases is overpowering.

But some insects find the odor quite delicious. They are drawn to the plant to lay their eggs.

To them, it smells just like freshly baked cookies.

There’s a lesson here, of course.

Nature succeeds with these tightly defined niches, where one thing is perfectly designed for the other. A marriage made in heaven. It seems to work best this way.

And successful real estate agents do the same.

If every business was the same, it would be hard to get ahead. Indeed, there would be just one winner and no competition.

But in the real world, businesses create their own niches and attract particular types of clients.

That’s why I encourage our newsletter subscribers to define what makes them unique.

Who are they – and who are their ideal clients?

By doing that, you can be the #1 for certain people, which is a lot easier and more profitable than being just one among many.

After all, if a flower that smells like death can succeed, then there’s a place for everyone.

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