6 words that get people reading

Journalists are taught to answer some simple questions when they write a news story: who? what? why? where? when? and how?

Then they get all the facts.

Those 6 words are also great as headlines for your newsletter.

Why? Because they promise an answer. An answer that will be revealed only if you read the rest of the story. They create curiosity.

Here’s how to do it – some examples:

What everyone needs to know about dog fleas
(What caring dog owner isn’t going to want to read that?)

Why every smart mechanic looks for this thing first
(Go on, tell me…why, why? And what’s the thing they look for?)

Who’s the first person you should talk to about flowers?
(OK, I guess it’s a florist…but maybe not! Better read on!)

Where do savvy shoppers go to buy their fish?
(I want to be savvy too! Let me know where!)

When is the best time to clean your carpet?
(I never knew there was a best time. Better find out!)

How to buy real estate for no money down
(Everyone wants to know the ‘how’ – the secrets)

So if you’re stuck for a headline for your newsletter, try one of these 6.