4 Small Ways to Offer Support Safely & Locally

As COVID rages on and is having astronomical effects on everything from the economy to employment rates, people are stepping up more than usual to embody the spirit of generosity during these difficult times.

One New Jersey landlord took it upon himself to waive rent for 3 months for all the tenants in his building from April to June. The stipulation? The tenants have to pay it forward by using that money to make purchases that support local businesses.

David Placek told NJ.com that the decision to do so was to relieve some of the stress as he considers himself in a lucky position to do so. He also states that he has been impressed with the reaction as he is getting contacted by tenants and landlords to help figure out how they can work together to avoid a housing crisis.

Placek’s actions were tweeted by the New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, for not only sparking a pay it forward mentality within the community but helping create a broader discussion about how we can help each other at the height of this pandemic and come out of it on the other side all a bit stronger.

As much as Placek’s story is an inspiration, not all acts of kindness can be grand gestures. Some could be little seeds planted with the potential to grow into a movement.

Here are 4 ideas on little ways to make a difference in the COVID-19 crisis and inspire others to do the same.

Donate to the local food bank. It seems simple, but the need is real for most local areas. Even a small contribution could mean the difference of a meal for someone who fell on hard times due to COVID.

Bang pots and pans at 7 or 7:30 pm your local time. This is a special way to say thank you to the frontline workers without having to leave your home. If something like this doesn’t already exist in your community, start it! It is a positive way to feel united for a greater cause.

Donate blood. Blood donations tend to go down during a crisis – when it is needed the most. Contact your local organization to see how and where you can safely donate blood.

Help a neighbor in need. Whether going grocery shopping, watering plants, or even standing outside and talking through glass can do wonders for the human spirit. And through that act of generosity, you may inspire those around you to do the same.

These are just a few ideas to spark your creativity. You can also click here for an excellent guide that offers more options for helping your community.