Your life, your newsletter

This time last year, I got home from a trip and found my basement flooded.

Yay! Spring is here and the snow is melting!

Three hours with the Shop-Vac later and it was still damp.


Why am I telling you this?

Well, there are three reasons.

First, telling this story illustrates a point I make frequently: your newsletter should be human.

So much marketing communication is corporate and boring. There’s no personality to it.

On the other hand, a flooded basement – now, that’s human. It’s something you can relate to.

When I say that a newsletter leverages your face-to-face relationships, this is what I mean. A flooded basement story is the kind of tale you would tell when you chat with someone in the flesh.

Second, a story like this can be used to illustrate something that relates to your business. For example, you might talk about ways to clean up after a flood or recommend a vendor you favor. Or you might want to give tips on avoiding wet basements in the first place (I’m listening to those!).

And third, well, why not make lemonade out of lemons? There’s so much in life, even the things that seem mundane, that can be fodder for your newsletter. Indeed, when you are thinking about what to write, you sometimes see the world in a whole new way: an amazing source of newsletter content.

But if you don’t feel like writing, never fear. Our newsletters come pre-written, so you can use them as they come or you can edit them as much as you wish.