Worst Parking Job and a ‘Random Act of Kindness’

At risk of sounding like one of those annoying people who bombard you with links to funny and cute stuff they’ve found around the Internet that you’ve “just gotta see…”

…. Well, you’ve just gotta see the video at the bottom of this post.

But don’t go there yet.

Here’s the story.

A security video posted on YouTube that shows a driver’s reckless (and I mean really reckless) parking lot activities became a viral sensation.

The story would have just been another five-minute office chuckle, until a Friday, when it was revealed that Hyundai, the company that made the car that the reckless driver trashed, had given that victim a new car.

So what happens…. It’s on the front page of the Toronto Star website.

Which gives us all another chance to see the video.

Which extends the story and makes it truly mainstream.

And which provides a truly positive mention of Hyundai Canada.

This quote form the story made me chuckle: “We wanted to help the guy,” said Hyundai Canada representative Barb Pitblado. “This was our random act of kindness.”

Yeah, right.

It was a very smart marketing move. For the cost of a new car they’ve got hundreds and thousands worth of media coverage and millions more in fuzzy goodwill.

So my question: how you make a “random act of kindness” and win points for your business?